Maui Toe Rings, anklets, belly chains, thumb rings, 14k, 18k gold and platinum jewelry with Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphire and Emeralds!!
...All of our "Anklets" are Fine Body Jewelry...

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Maui Toe Rings Anklets are available in 14k Yellow Gold, 14 White Gold, 18k Yellow Gold
and Platinum. All anklets are available in half inch increment lengths.

18k Yellow Gold Anklets
Round Snake Anklet
Round Snake
Product No. AE001
1.5 mm - wide
Priced from $108.00

Wheat Chain Anklet
Wheat Chain
Product No. AE002
1.1 mm - wide
Priced from $75.50

Espiga Anklet
Product No. AE003
2.1 mm - wide
Priced from $126.50

Rib-Link Anklet
Product No. AE004
2.5 mm - wide
Priced from $143.00

Spiral-Twist Anklet
Product No. AE005
4 mm - wide
Priced from $162.00

Twist & Smooth Anklet
Twist & Smooth
Product No. AE006
2.8 mm - wide
Priced from $179.00

Twirl-Link Anklet
Product No. AE007
2.75 mm - wide
Priced from $144.00

Oval-Union Anklet
Product No. AE008
3.7 mm - wide
Priced from $244.00

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