Maui Toe Rings, anklets, belly chains, thumb rings, 14k, 18k gold and platinum jewelry with Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphire and Emeralds!!
...All of our "Toe Rings" are Fine Body Jewelry....

Our wholesale division will assist individuals and businesses that need to purchase larger quantities.... at wholesale prices.
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If you have realized the 'Popularity and Demand' for fine toe rings (and accessories), their 'lack of availability'..... (possibly in your area) and the 'Long-term Profit' as a consistent 'Seller', you may be considering, (for the 1st time?), the 'Retail Sales' of these products at your location(s).

If so, we 'Now Offer' various size 'Collections' of:
Toe Ring 'Starter Kits'
Solid 14k Yellow Gold Wholesale Toe Rings
Solid 14k White Gold Wholesale Toe Rings
Solid Sterling Silver Wholesale Toe Rings
Yellow Gold Toe Rings White Gold Toe Rings
You can easily.... $TEST$
'the Market' in your area!
• the 'Best Seller'
• the 'Most popular' ~ Styles
• the 'Most popular' ~ Sizes

After receiving 1 'Starter-kit'..... and actually experiencing the 'fun', 'anxious-anticipation', and 'joy and profit' that these items bring, you then become a 'Wholesale Account' and are entitled to all of the on-going benefits we can provide..... assisting you in maximizing your sales potential. Simply 'displaying them' and 'making them available' to your customers (finally!) all that is necessary.

You will be 'Amazed'..... that they can literally 'Sell-Themselves' ....with 'little or no-effort'.

Many times, due to the 'absence of ANY competition', retailers simply..... 'Set their Own' retail prices, as these products are usually not readily available in most areas!
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